Group Classes

The group classes currently on offer are held at AM Fitness.

Thursdays: 7-8pm. Repatterning Stretching.

This class is free for members of AM Fitness. For non-members the drop in rate is 20€.

Sundays: 11.30 am – 1.30 pm. Repatterning Stretching.

Sunday the 6th is a one-off casual class. Discounted rate at 20€ for two hours.

** 5 week “Splits” Course. **

From Sunday the 13th May till 10th of June

11.30 am – 1.30 pm. Repatterning Stretching.

The Sunday class is the long class experience.  It operates as a course with a specific theme for exploration over the duration of the term. For this course there will be a focus on legs apart work. Stretches that move towards pancake and side splits. We still touch on the other parts of the syllabus as the need arises.

The whole course is available for 108€.

Drop in for one class is 30€.

Contact me to enquire about classes or to secure your spot:

Repatterning Stretching

Repatterning Stretching principally takes the form of partner assisted stretches. The goal is to increase sensation and awareness concurrently with gaining new range of motion. Stretches are practiced with specific cues and intention. This allows us to safely explore new ranges of motion.


AM Fitness is located at 3 Terenure Pl, Terenure, Dublin. (Behind Brady’s in Terenure).